Our wedding services exclusive to my company, are now available to you!

Do you feel like you need a way to add services to increase your wedding offerings?

How many times do you get asked who will be there coordinating all the wedding day-of details?

Could you develop a process to control the efficiency of your couple’s wedding day?


Why be certified? Couples today, expect wedding coordination services for their wedding day. As the wedding markets are expanding, the Midwest is attracting couples from greater metropolitan regions with
high expectation. Who better to offer these services, than you!

We provide the licenses for your wedding services to transcend the couple’s wedding day into a lasting relationship with you. One that is rooted in the foundation of your investment, skills and talents.

Venue License for Wedding Coordination

Benefits of our wedding planning service licenses

Add “day-of” services to existing bookings to increase your annual revenue
⬤ Take control of the wedding day details with a certified & trained coordinator
⬤ Develop a wedding day of process that improves the couple’s expectations and efficiency of time & flow of their wedding vendor team
⬤ We have us in your back pocket for advice, insight & tips for all things weddings!

We have taken the totality of wedding coordination for,


Your skills of execution


by turning wedding planning into trusted & true services for you.


Our Guides

With our use of material license your wedding venue can use our proprietary Framework Guides.

Show your couples your ability to be detailed in the overview of all the pre-production wedding day details.



With our “use of mark license” to be a Inspire Your® Wedding Coordination Venue. Your wedding venue is the first booking, make it a certified one.

Show your commitment to providing couples an in-house certified wedding coordinator, with our IYWCV badge.