As a planner from the West Coast to the Midwest, I found wedding planning varies by region. So then why are there not wedding guides specific to where you are planning your wedding day? Now there are!

Do you just need to talk to a planner, because you have so many questions?


Couples have million questions running through their mind all the time! I would love talking through your wedding thoughts to give my expert advice & tips.

Our new “Permission Slip” consultation service allows you ask any question you have!
Why trust our advice? Because, we have the Wedding Connections! 100+ vendor and 75 venues!

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The Midwest Budget allows you to budget right from the start by wedding vendor. Our exclusive “Regional Experience” ranks
the priority of booking vendors.

⬤ Find out the average starting costs for each wedding vendor

⬤ Learn how to budget your big day by wedding vendor

⬤ Discover the best way to plan all your vendor budgets

⬤ Customizable budget for easy-to-use

⬤ Personally manage your budget on all your devices

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The Midwest Checklist cuts through the overwhelmness of wedding planning by priority not month. Because not every couple starts at the same time!

⬤ Find out the first priority task to check off your list

⬤ Review all the little details you need to know to stay on schedule

⬤ Discover the best way to manage all your vendor details

⬤ Easy to edit for your personal organizer

⬤ Personally manage your checklist on all your devices

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Many of our couples during this time have been asking me for insight on how much to tip their wedding vendors. Although not mandatory, it is a thoughtful gesture for those that did a job well done!

⬤ Find out the proper amounts for tipping your day-of vendors

⬤ Show your appreciation by providing tip envelopes to your wedding planner or the FOB/FOG to give out on your big day

⬤ Personally manage your budget on all your devices



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